The Journals of Knud Rasmussen (yesterday)


This one was actually really depressing ending.

The shaman says “We are happiest when we don’t think too much. We are happy when not having to worry about hidden things”

“We don’t fear death but we are afraid of suffering”

Same as the last film that strange sense of only discovering at the end something slipped into normality of film-world.

The all but final scene:

The Shaman has to say goodbye to his protective spirits to welcome Jesus. They are crying and lamenting — forced to flee into the distant snow howling and lamenting their own extinguishing.

These same figures had been slipped into the film. Me being an idiot couldn’t work out who they were during the bulk of the film — these characters that don’t speak — and then working it out in this final scene.

Whole thing profoundly upsetting.


photopoint from the woods behind the sculpture workshop

yesterday down at the photopoint

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