Stanley Glacier and Marble Canyon


passing a truck near Castle Mountain

Did three sound recordings of wind through trees, a nice small stream and some cascades. This could only be done with three people to stay with me each time because this is bear country and there are safety conditions to be adhered to. Fortunately ended up with two quiet people (third person didn’t stop — hiking means no stopping to actually look at anything??? I don’t get it). Its all a matter of getting out of the Banff town and highway soundscape. Once you get back close to the highway recording is with the drone of trucks and cars.

Oh… and check out the mountains!

burnt pines
Stanley Glacier debris flow

scree slopes

romantic ribbons awards ceremony

Leslie in front of the cliffs

presentation to fang the cat

presentation of romantic walks winner (Fang the siamese cat)

Stanley Glacier cliffs

upper area recently exposed after glacier retreat (last 200 years?)

Stanley Glacier scree slopes

looking up towards the glacier

sound of water

where I did the sound recording

burnt pines

burnt trees near Marble Canyon

into the mouth

Marble Canyon

lip of fall

Ground level at the top of Marble Canyon

first fall



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