Kay Burns, Sorrel Muggeridge and Laura Nanni

Met with sound and walking artist Kay Burns (of the Ministry of Walking). A show of works and some plans for work in the future.

Walked Sorrel and Laura’s project about following directions. A flip of a coin determines whether we go with Laura and follow Sorrel’s directions or vice versa. I walk with Laura. They have asked me to binaurally record the walk. The group splits up almost immediately into fast and slow walkers — those that savour the various senses being tickled by directions and those that want it to be over. Jen Southern is using the camera on her mobile phone and some new software to upload photos of the walk onto a realtime map of the walk on the net. We listen to water rushing under a manhole cover and search for a knight in shining armour. With ten people its hard to get lost.

The group eats pasta together in the Tunnel Mountain Lounge.

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