Hoodoo Trail with tracklines


Tunnel Mountain

Tracklines is a pilot project by Banff New Media Institute for Parks Canada. Using purpose built but soon to be open source MEE software with dedicated model mobile phones and a small GPS unit, it provided 6 stops along the Hoodoo Trail talking about the geology. Walked with Leslie Thomas, photographer and Buddhist. We are the same height and walk at the same speed. We missed one stop due to mitten fingers. Sometimes the image/narrations were strictly didactic. Sometimes they were more poetic. I think they would have been successful with the general public. It was a beautiful walk with quaking aspens at points. Geology is all pervasive through Banff, the Park and the walking and art program.

Mt Rundle at the dry pool before the gap

dry stretch of the river towards Mount Rundle

pine photopoint

I’m sure heaps of people take pictures of this pine at sunset/sunrise.

Mt Rundall classic view

lots of Rundles

elk meadow
rock texture Tunnel Mountain

Tunnel Mountain slopes

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