atanarjuat (fast runner)


yellow leaves rattling in the darkness


A day of dahl and chicken, tracing geological maps and Atanarjuat. Atanarjuat or Fast Runner is a film made by the Iglooik community in northern Canada. Winner of a swag of awards it tells the story of a community split by disharmony and violence. Resolution comes only after many years and through the intervention of magical forces and the realisation that the cycle of revenge must be cut. The cinematography is stunning and although at times the unexplained disappearance of minor characters made it confusing for an outsider it certainly deserved its accolades. Very similar in many respects to 10 Canoes by Rolf De Heer and the people of Ramingining.


The picture is from the window out into the darkness  (where I do computer work early in the morning).

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