Shy (dissolution + exchange) — needed 25 more participants!


Wanted: 25 extra people in the southern hemisphere for a photocopy/mail art project called Shy (dissolution + exchange). This is a project that I had in proposal form a few years ago (kinda this one for the exhibition called Melbourne 2010: How Can a Network….? . It’s now been revamped as I am negotiating to include it in a show at Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts in September.

Participation involves photocopying a photocopy and posting two copies onwards westward around the Southern Hemisphere.

Anybody know anybody from South Africa/Angola/Botswana/Burundi/Comoros/Lesotho/Madagascar/Malawi/Mauritius/Mozambique/Namibia/Rwanda/Seychelles/South Africa/Swaziland/Tanzania/Zambia/Zimbabwe/East Timor/Australia/Fiji/Nauru/New Zealand/Papua New Guinea/Samoa/Solomon Islands/Tonga/Tuvalu/Vanuatu/Argentina/Bolivia/Chile/Paraguay/Peru/Uruguay or southern parts of Indonesia/Brazil/Ecuador who might be interested in participating?


Full Description of the project here

Finding your longitude

go to the bottom of the left hand bar of google maps and click on maps labs (right down near the copyright sign). Enable the LatLng Tool Tip and press save. Go back to the map and press the shift key and you will be able to get lat long by running the cursor over your house.

PS I am recreating my website at the moment and this post may die: if so, just google Shy (dissolution + exchange) again/contact me.

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