Proposition 1: to collect what cannot be collected


to collect

You are asked to draw or write a response (no bigger than A4 size) to the question:

What cannot be collected?

You can be as brief/creative/practical/impractical as you like.

Post responses to:

Perdita Phillips
Lethologica Press
PO Box 747
Fremantle WA 6959

or email:

Deadline: to be in the exhibition “How does a network activate a public?” responses must reach Perdy by 12 November

The best 50 responses selected will be assembled into a photocopy book and distributed back to participants

The artwork will be exhibited in ‘How does a network activate a public?’ THE SOUTH PROJECT – AN EXHIBITION OF IDEAS 22 November to 5 December, West Wing, second level of Melbourne Central,

The work was developed in response to the statement:  “As a network of arts and crafts practitioners, arts workers, writers, and others interested in culture in the southern hemisphere, The South Project asks: how can individuals and a community facilitate culture in public, and with the public?”

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