Siri Hayes

A photographer of contemporary landscapes. Siri is just about to have a small showing at Grantpirrie. I liked these images from the show and the website

Aquatic listening device (from Dredge) 2009 Silver gelatin print 37.5 x 45.5cm unique edition of 2

Aquatic listening device (from Dredge) 2009

Geomorphical listening (from Dredge) 2009 Chromogenic print 134.5 x 140.5cm edition of 6 + 2AP
Geomorphical listening (from Dredge) 2009

Theatre Seats

Theatre seats 2003 from Lyric theatre 2002 – 2004

2 thoughts on “Siri Hayes”

  1. I know Siri’s work well. She is a great artist. She is with this fantastic gallery in Melbourne called Gallerysmith and had a solo show there, mid last year i think.

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