Bimblebox needs you!

This is an interesting project at Bimblebox Nature Refuge (Queensland) 7 – 15 September 2013. They are looking for artists:

  • to creatively explore, engage with and document this Nature Refuge
  • to comment on our current fossil fuel culture
  • to creatively engage with the world debate on coal mining expansion into the Galilee Basin

The Bimblebox Nature Refuge is in Central West Qld and has a signed nature refuge agreement with the Qld Government to permanently protect the conservation values of this property. But this does not protect if from mining.

Clive Palmer wants to mine Bimblebox Nature Refuge for his coal mine aptly named ‘China First’.

Are you interested in engaging with the issue of coal in the Galilee Basin?

Artists Camp at Bimblebox Nature Refuge: 7 – 15 September

This is your opportunity to be on Bimblebox Nature Refuge and engage through your art form with Australia’s expansion of coal mining.

Bimblebox Nature Refuge may not be available to us next year. By year’s end we may know if the State and Federal Governments will let Bimblebox Nature Refuge be cleared and destroyed to allow mining of thermal coal. Bimblebox Nature Refuge is one of approximately 100 Nature Refuge’s who have mining exploration hanging over them.

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