X-raying various substances to see how they go

On Tuesday I X-rayed various glues, binders, plastic, paper, cardboard, string, wire, sequins, modelling compounds and paints to see what colour they came out when X-rayed…

plastic horse figure inside plastic model of horse intestines

Here what can you can see apart from a sheep’s tooth, some das (paper based modelling compound), wire, and a blob of german modelling compound with some sequins in it (to test depth)?

3 thoughts on “X-raying various substances to see how they go”

  1. It’s a plastic model of a horse’s intestines with a tiny farrier and horse model from Jack Stanbridges that I have had since I was a child.

    What I am trying to do is get shades of grey as well. Not that dissimilar to a drawing????

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