minding animals conference

This conference in Newcastle in July this year bills itself as ‘a transdisciplinary conference exploring the interrelationships between animals and society’:

  • Where science meets the humanities
  • Where academic meets activist
  • Where environmentalist meets animal advocate
  • Where all can participate in consideration of past, present and future interrelationships between human animals, nonhuman animals and the total environment


I have put in an abstract to present some findings from this residency.

The conference has six major themes and objectives:

  • To reassess the relationship between the animal and environmental movements in light of climate change and other jointly-held threats and concerns
  • To examine how humans identify and represent nonhuman animals in art, literature, music, science,and in the media and on film
  • How, throughout history, the objectification of nonhuman animals and nature in science and society, religion and philosophy, has led to the abuse of nonhuman animals and how this has since been interpreted and evaluated
  • To examine how the lives of humans and companion and domesticated nonhuman animals are intertwined, and how science, human and veterinary medicine utilise these important connections
  • How the study of animals and society can better inform both the scientific study of animals and community activism and advocacy


  • How science and community activism and advocacy can inform the study of nonhuman animals and society


Main page: http://www.mindinganimals.com/index.php

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