possible research questions


Kununurra bower

Is the use of red reported in Townsville great bowerbird a local or widespread trait? I have not seen it in bowers I have visited in the Kimberley. Is this because of a small sample size or poor observation, or is there no red out there?

What is the relative importance of sphericity versus colour in object selection?

Do bowers in Broome show a significant bias in orientation? What controls this orientation?

What controls the distribution of green glass? Is its position related to the bower structure? Are some ends of bowers more important than others? What role do shafts of sunlight play in green glass distribution?

Do bowerbirds manipulate/trim leaves to alter sunlight distribution?

Are great bowerbirds good mimics? From what do they learn? What kind of limits are there to what they can learn? How quickly do they learn and how long do they retain ‘copied’ material?

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