Time and Landscape: what it would mean to visit the North Pole

As part of Field_Notes – Deep Time in Finland (see (http://bioartsociety.fi/deep_time/). I was keen to visit the North Pole to do some sound recording.

North Pole


Google maps can’t calculate a route between North Pole and the Kilpisjärvi Biological Station. The North Pole I am referring to is the famous stromatolite site in the Pilbara of Western Australia, situated 12544 km southeast of Käsivarrentie. Here the Dresser Formation of the Warrawoona Group (of Archaean age, approximately 3500 million years old), contain evidence of very early forms of life. Opinions differ, but these stromatolites formed either around an Archaean hot spring (chemosynthesizers) or in shallow saline waters (photosynthesizers). These traces of life have lasted far longer than anything human culture will leave behind.

Shaw RIver


I wanted to visit the site in August but time is pressing and unfortunately the application process for visiting the site is quite involved so I will have to arrange to go there later in the year.

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