Darwin exhibition I


To celebrate the 200th birthday of Charles Darwin in 2009 and the 150th anniversary of the publication of his pivotal work, “On the Origin of Species”, the SCHIRN is pleased to present the exhibition, “Darwin – Art and the Search for Origins”. Darwin’s revolutionary book and the subsequent heated debates about origins not only transgressed the boundaries of biological science but also captivated the attention of a broad public. The exhibition is the first to focus on the implications of Darwinism for the fine arts. All of the artists featured in the exhibition shared an interest in the natural sciences and either read texts by Darwin or by those who reacted to him. With approximately 150 paintings, drawings, and lithographs as well as rare documentary material, the exhibition showcases artists such as Martin Johnson Heade, František Kupka, Odilon Redon, George Frederic Watts, Arnold Böcklin, Gabriel von Max, Alfred Kubin, and Max Ernst, and thus spans the period from 1859 to the mid twentieth century.
Curator: Dr. Pamela Kort

05 FEBRUARY – 03 MAY 2009

see http://www.schirn-kunsthalle.de/index.php?do=exhibitions_detail&id=88&lang=en [!sigh! broken link]

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