South Georgia Expedition

plastic meteoroid

An science-art collaborative expedition that was proposed by The Clipperton Project to the islands of South Georgia in October/November 2014. After being delayed once it was then cancelled three days before I was due to fly out. The expedition could have offered so much in terms of visiting a spectacular landscape with unparalled wildlife and geology as well as the project program of scientific activity including monitoring plastic levels in the open sea, at nesting sites and on the beaches, amongst other things. I was looking forward to many things including photographing/sound recording glaciers and icebergs.

Given that I had non-refundable air tickets I decided to proceed as far as I could (the Falkland Islands) via Patagonia and Cape Horn. Highlights included black browed albatrosses, king penguins and hydrocarbon landscapes. I remain interested in the fate of seabirds such as the Wandering Albatross (see shy (dissolution + exchange)) and penguins (see P A A) and am currently working out how to configure the possibilities of just under 5000 photographs and videos.

Moulting King Pengions, Volunteer Point, The Falkland Islands by Perdita Phillips

Please see the thataway video here for a bit more about what was originally intended for the South Georgia Islands project.