((Pollen)) — original call for participants and preliminary visual explorations

((Pollen)) (provisional title) is a project for the InConversation exhibition to be shown at Spectrum project space, Western Australia in October 2014.

The aim of the exhibition is to bring together three or more collaborators. Each collaborator must be from a different discipline or profession. So far Perdita Phillips and Astrida Neimanis have been thinking about pollen — and in particular how pollen can be interpreted in different ways. We now seek one or more collaborators who are passionate about pollen and are neither a visual artist nor a writer/cultural theorist, to take part in an postal exchange to generate creative works from May to October 2014.

If you are a palynologist — or allergy specialist, architect, pollen corer, geologist, stratigrapher, palaeobotanist, climate scientist, forensic scientist, water chemist, freshwater ecologist, model maker, image scientist, social scientist, anthropologist, origami master, honey possum specialist, graphic artist/typographer, plant ecologist, evolutionary biologist, citizen scientist, sound artist, philosopher, digital cartography whiz, printer, film maker — or just passionate about nonhuman (pollen) worlds, contact Perdita Phillips

contact perdy
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Why Pollen?

Pollen has been used extensively in palaeoclimate research. Under the microscope pollen particles are beautiful, but for many people spring is a time of great discomfort. At the same time the antihistamines used to treat hayfever are a significant element of pharmaceutical pollution of waterways. As pollen desiccates it folds inwards in spectacular ways (this allows the pollen to last longer and travel further) and this process is reversed once it is rehydrated. Combining our interests in nonhuman worlds we aim to create a meta-work about pollen. Part of this will include an exchange of letters by post.

At this stage Phillips and Neimanis propose with their collaborators to correspond in the form of sculpted paper “love letters” to nonhuman worlds. Each letter will be folded/unfolded. We intend to exhibit the letters (probably in an 1m x 1m grid) and a small book (physical/digital) that brings elements of the project together.

Studio scribbles (by Perdita Phillips):

Some writings by Astrida:

Some relevant artworks/writings by Perdita:

Original call for proposals for In Conversation: