on the scrounge

I make collages using found images

If you are throwing out any nice visual imagery — including maps, aerial photography, postcards, all forms of representations of animals, landscapes, plants and botanical illustrations, internal body imagery, ephemera, old blank paper and weird old diagrams and photos — and you think they might be of interest to me — please drop me a line.

The nebula of Andromeda as seen through the big telescope at the Yerkes Observatory in Chicago

Here is a collage made from a diagram of a whale shark and a page from Arthur Mee’s Childrens Encyclopaedia: From such a cloud of fire came Earth (1997).

Things eaten by termites

Books holed, furniture destroyed, typewriters eaten, things pooped on (see this list)?

termite butterfly book


For many years I have been fond of things eaten by termites.


…If you are ever throwing things like this out, send me an email