in vetland residency 2009

Perdita Phillips was  artist in residency in room 1.006 in the Murdoch University  School of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences. The Art in Science residency is funded by the Murdoch Veterinary Trust.

Project 1. Making reverse animals

This project investigates the important skill of translating between 2D X-rays and anatomical drawings and 3D living bodies. In this case I will be making sculptures based on animals forms out of various materials and then X-raying and imaging them to see if I can get complex and beautiful images giving a sense of depth in the ‘reversed’ animal.

Project 2. “Your help needed: anonymous digital portraits… and work spaces”

In this part of the residency I created portraits of people that were not realistic (based on your face) but were based on creating a composite creature — a chimera — where bits of the body represent different research interests, hobbies, personal attributes and things of value. I wanted to investigate the complex boundary between  our professional roles and everyday human life.

I had the idea that I would contrast these images with pictures of interesting work places (asking for people with an unusual office, bench space or paddock!!) I ended up with 4 people (I wanted 10) for the anonymous digital portraits.

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