WassinkLundgren, Empty Bottles

book art photographs

WassinkLundgren, Empty_Bottles, C-Print, 2005

WassinkLundgren (b. Holland) : Empty Bottles Solo Exhibition Jun 20 – 10 Aug, 2009

‘Empty Bottles’ 2005, WassinkLundgren, winner of the 2007 Arles Contemporary Book Award, is a collaboration between two young Dutch artists working with photography, Groot Wassink (b. 1981 The Netherlands) and Ruben Lundgren (b. 1983 The Netherlands). ‘Empty Bottles’ comprises portraits of ’24 scavengers attracted by the bottles we put in front of the camera’. The project captures real-life acts of recycling, largely unnoticed, yet integral to contemporary life in China. Wassink Lundgren currently live, work and study in both London and Beijing. Initially done as a photo book project, each ’empty bottle’ portrait is presented as diptych alongside a blank institutional blue-green page of the same size, in homage to the color used in public municipal space around China.

Sourced from Pékin Fine Arts

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