Andrew’s quiz

1. Sylvain Dorvan of Landes walked from Paris to Moscow in 1891, what was
so special about his walk?

2. Francis Alys, the Belgian artist who resides in Mexico City, devised an art
installation around a walk in 1995 called “The Leak” – what took place?

3. 40 years ago, Richard Long the British land artist created a temporary
outdoor sculpture what was it called?

4. Who wrote to whom: “I walk therefore I am.”?

5. Etienne-Jules Marey published an “Investigation into walking” in 1884 – for
what purpose is his work used today?

6. George Baker, a Canadian photographer created a walking self portrait –
why haven’t others copied his unique style?

7. Peter Gibson, an avid walker from Montreal was arrested in 2005 because
his artwork distracted car drivers – what could he have been doing?

8. He is the author of several books, but one is called “Psychogeography”.  He
chooses to walk to and from the airport?  Who is he?

9. Moon Walk was undertaken by 12 astronauts during the Apollo endeavours
in the 1960s and 70s, but ask anyone in the street who created the Moon
Walk, and they will tell you one of the world’s most prolific pop singers – who
could that be?

10. Jaywalking is an illegal manoeuvre in many countries including Singapore,
but not in the UK – provide a simple definition that you could use to explain

11. The Green Chain and the Silver Jubilee Walkway are both found in which
European City?

12. Dorothy was recommended to walk  along the Yellow Brick Road to seek
the aid of the Wizard of Oz – do you remember from where she should travel?

13. The Ten Tors is a team challenge adventure that takes place every year on
Dartmoor – how old do you have to be take part?

14. In Grandmother’s Footsteps what must you not be doing when Granny
turns round?

15. What does the word “Dromomaniac” describe?

16. San Francisco based artist Anne Devine completed a Crosswalk Marathon
in 2006 – what did this entail?

17. Which British artist was honoured with a retrospective at Tate Britain in
2002 – the exhibition was called “Walking Journey”?

18. If you undertake the Skywalk in Minneapolis what does it entail?

19.  What will be the key destination on London’s Jubilee Greenway?

20. One key popular walking route in London has a printed Code of Conduct –
where might this be and why is there a need for it?

21. John Cleese made the Ministry of Silly Walks famous, but from which city is
the birthplace of the Ministry of Walking?

22. Which International movement coined the phrase “Walk’tober”?

23. Louis Hennepin and René-Robert Cavelier were famous for walking around
which waterfall?

24. The Walking School Bus has proved popular in many countries, but who
was the person who first coined the idea and where is he from?

25. The 2002 Stockholm Partnership for Sustainable Communities award was
presented to which walking initiative?

26.  Who is the Doctor who brought us the Green Gym?

27. “To Costco and IKEA without a car” is an unusual title for a movie – who
was the creator of it?

28. What is the most ubiquitous shoe?

29. “London Walking” is a technical survival manual – who wrote it?

30. What is Walk It?

31. Walk on the Wild Side was a hit for which artist and what was it all about?

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