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Penguins listening to gramophone

    Penguins listening to the Gramophone during the summer from The Heart of the Antarctic (1909) by Ernest Shackleton

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South Georgia Islands map (and seasonably navigatable sea ice)

Where South Georgia Islands are: South Georgia is part of a looping tectonic swirl between Antarctica and South America on the border between the Southern Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean

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three penguins

  8 days and 740 dollars to go http://clippertonproject.causevox.com/perditaphillips

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social plastic

A small snippet here of trying to monetise plastic. An economic method but it does tackle the issue of value: http://plasticbank.org/ How does it work? The organization sets up special repurposing centers in countries where there’s an abundance of both plastic waste and poverty. Locals then trade in recyclable plastic — harvested from land, waterways […]

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eeks– have to raise money

cyano penguin

I have to raise 3000 euros for The Clipperton Expedition to South Georgia as well as pay a $1500 fee, buy wet weather clothes and get a return airfare to the Falklands…

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