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sculpture quiz

  When a sculptor is concerned mainly with “mass” he uses steel solids wire concrete bronze Another name for “space” in sculpture is scientitfic holes depth void size Watruba, Bill and Frink tend to use mass light space transparency lightness Whereas Calder, Smith and Uhlman use mass light space transparency lightness New sculptural ideas have …

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Marathon runner

  Shizo Kanakuri disappeared while running the marathon in the 1912 Summer Olympics in Stockholm. He was listed as a missing person in Sweden for 50 years — until a journalist found him living placidly in southern Japan. Overcome with heat during the race, he had stopped at a garden party to drink orange juice, …

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Insects Use Plant Like a “Telephone”

“Dutch ecologist Roxina Soler and her colleagues from the Netherlands Institute for Ecology have discovered that subterranean and aboveground herbivorous insects can communicate with each other by using plants as telephones. [via Cellular News] ‘Subterranean insects issue chemical warning signals via the leaves of the plant. This way, aboveground insects are alerted that the plant …

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