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animal art: two most excellent opportunities — respond to curators ASAP (or by 31 March)


Call for Artworks: Australian Animal Studies Group & Queensland College of Art

Exhibition and Online Survey of Human Animal Relations Artists

1. Exhibition: Animals, People – a shared environment. Brisbane, July 2011

As part of their fourth conference, the Australian Animal Studies Group is joining with the Queensland College of Art to hold an exhibition that responds to the conference theme: Animals, People – a shared environment (see www.aasg2011.com.au — now a broken link).

The event will take place at POP Gallery (www.popgallery.com.au) and the QCA Project Space (www.griffith.edu.au/visual-creative-arts/queensland-college-art) from 11th July 2011.  Both galleries are within walking distance of the conference venue.

Artists are invited to submit a proposal for work on the conference theme: Animals, People – a shared environment. Works might respond to one or more of the following questions:

  • What experiences of and vulnerabilities to their environments do human and non-human animals share? When are these experiences and vulnerabilities different?
  • How do animals and humans co-construct their environments?
  • How do animals and humans communicate through their environments?
  • Where have animal-human relationships broken down? Where are they robust? Where are these relationships present and where absent?
  • How do animals resist/defy/disrupt human attempts to record/represent/regulate them?
  • What emotions characterise animal-human relationships in rural, urban, suburban, sustaining, neglected, damaged, sacred, conserved, indigenous, public, private, industrial, technological, playful, cross or multi cultural places?
  • How do animals and humans respond to each other’s destructive actions and desires within their environments?
  • What moral considerations do animals and humans pay to each other and to their environments?

All artists working in any media are eligible to submit a proposal.  Artists will be required to pack, freight and insure their own works.

Critical essays accompanying artworks are invited and will be considered for publication.

Proposals must be submitted by 31st March 2011 and should include dimensions and media along with an artist’s statement. Please send your proposal to Professor Ross Woodrow at the Queensland College of Art: r.woodrow@griffith.edu.au

2. Online Survey of Human-Animal Relations Artists

In addition to the ‘Animals, People’ call for artworks, the Australian Animal Studies Group is making a general call for contemporary artworks for a survey of examples to be featured online. Artists whose works explore human-animal relations are invited to post links to their work or email an image and short text to Natalie Edwards: n.j.edwards@massey.ac.nz ASAP or by 31st March 2011.



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