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The field

A walk-through view of he Field exhibition of 1968 reproduced in Smith and Green (2002, fig 03.02)

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Time and Landscape: what it would mean to visit the North Pole

As part of Field_Notes – Deep Time in Finland (see (http://bioartsociety.fi/deep_time/). I was keen to visit the North Pole to do some sound recording.   Google maps can’t calculate a route between North Pole and the Kilpisjärvi Biological Station. The North Pole I am referring to is the famous stromatolite site in the Pilbara of […]

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Where You Walk Matters

  Forest walking is better for your health than urban walking for cardiovascular and metabolic health according to Japanese research http://www.hphpcentral.com/article/where-you-walk-matters Original Paper: Qing Li; Toshiaki Otsuka; Maiko Kobayashi; Yoko Wakayama; Hirofumi Inagaki; Masao Katsumata; Yukiyo Hirata; YingJi Li; Kimiko Hirata; Takako Shimizu; Hiroko Suzuki; Tomoyuki Kawada; Takahide Kagawa Acute effects of walking in forest […]

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one of the most curious people I know


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Mythogeography (the book)

  From Phil Smith: The book takes the form of a documentary-fictional collection of the internal documents, diary fragments, letters, emails, narratives, notebooks and handbooks of a loose coalition of performers, ‘alternative’ walkers, artists and lay geographers. All Illustrated in full colour by Tony Weaver, who designed the Wrights & Sites’ Mis-Guide books. The fragmentary […]

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