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Proposition 2: dissolution of the southern skies


This is a project for people who reside in the southern hemisphere (anyone else can cheer us on).

southern sky

The process of photocopying a photocopy degrades an image down to a network of nothing. This exchange process begins by assembling a collection of 100 participants in a list arranged by their Longitude. Starting at the top of the list each participant will photocopy the copy that they receive, sending this photocopy to the next person on the list and returning the previous photocopy back to a central address.

To participate email perdy@perditaphillips.com with your name, snail mail address, Latitude and Longitude.

To get your Latitude and Longitude find your house on google maps http://maps.google.com.au/. You may have to go up to the red ‘new!’ button at the top right hand corner and enable the LatLng Tool Tip. You can then get a 6 decimal point Latitude and Longitude. A minus Latitude means you are in the southern hemisphere. The Longitude will determine your order in the list. Please note that your Latitude will not be exhibited publicly so your house will not be revealed.

The work will take place in January 2010 and once I have 100 participants.

The 100 sheets will be assembled and exhibited in 2011 before documentation of the results is distributed back to participants.

Deadline: the call for participants will be part of  ‘How does a network activate a public?’ THE SOUTH PROJECT – AN EXHIBITION OF IDEAS 22 November to 5 December, West Wing, second level of Melbourne Central, www.westspace.org.au

The work was developed in response to the statement:  “As a network of arts and crafts practitioners, arts workers, writers, and others interested in culture in the southern hemisphere, The South Project asks: how can individuals and a community facilitate culture in public, and with the public?”

Proposition 1: is currently open to all to participate (http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=122233104500576&ref=mf)

The more speculative Proposition 3, is coming soon.



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